August 13, 2008


The world will end shortly – well almost.With luck, a fourth of the human race will survive.Back then, an indeterminate number of living beings ranging in the hundreds of millions died.The physical evidence is there.Remains of carcasses litter the Earth – more than 40 million in North America alone.Elsewhere in the world, on every continent, skeletons have been found buried beneath up to a hundred feet of solidified mud or huddled in caves where they sought refuge in vain.In the latter case, totally incompatible species, predators and prey alike, died catastrophically, their limbs and bodies violently torn apart.This took place in the past over 6000 years ago, and it is about to happen again.Conditions are building toward another worldwide cataclysm and time is growing short.Still the pending disaster receives little publicity and, although the renowned Albert Einstein stated the matter “deserves serious attention”, governments across the globe have failed to respond.The looming holocaust has not been broached by the United Nations where this threat to civilization is not even being discussed.Beyond an occasional mention in the pages of a few isolated scientific journals, it is as if no one really gives a damn.”

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Either way, this book is a must read.
We are headed for worldwide catastrophe with our heads blindly stuck in the “global warming” sand.

Wake up, World, before it’s too late!