Been Away Again

Had an encounter with the Department of Motor Vehicles and lost. Could not get my van smogged and had to resort tto buying another vehicle. Fortunately, a friend came to my rescue with a viable 1992 Toyota Corolla – excellent body and motor. Thus, I am mobile again after hoofing it and relying on friends for transportation to and from doctors and the other necessary trips. Not having wheels was a startling experience. Never realized how much I depended upon my van which I drove for seven years. Environment be damn, Al Gore. I need modern transportation and I cannot afford an electric car which, after all, still rely on fossil fuels to provide the electricity. It is a feel good substitute, letting people believe they are saving the environment even though global warming is part of the normal Earth cycles. But that if for a blog for another day along with the collapse of Antarctica. Look up my book “Doomsday Chronicle” on line for it. It is available FREE. So much for now. I am preparing a blog on the collapse of the Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica, a part of the normal transition Charles Hapgood and his collaborators warned us about several years ago. I documented all of it in the “Doomsday Chronicle”. Well, hasta la vista. Talk to you later.


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