Mild Frustration

I have been changing all of my email addresses from Gmail to Outlook because Gmail kept rearranging my email pages and I really do not have the patience to keep changing my habits every month. At any rate, I found myself locked out of WordPress and my blog and, after trying their recovery and waited, I found a back door into my blog and managed to change both my email address and password. So I am back again minus Gmail. All of this while I dropped my USB mouse and now it double clicks at random when I pass over an icon. I had to have it stay on the icon at first click then drag the pointer off to the desk top and use Shift/arrow keys to select for cut and paste. I will replace it as soon as I have a chance to stop by a store.So far,  I now have successfully dumped both Yahoo and Gmail for the dumber Outlook. I am still looking for a email provider that will not try to think for me but do nothing more than fetch and display my emails with no extra spam or gewgaws. I will keep trying. Sigh.


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