“The times they are a’changing”

I used to be a political animal – deeply involved in the Southern California political scene – and even served as special field rep for a Democratic Congressman. However, after a brief stint in the Nation’s Capitol, I became thoroughly jaded and changed my party affiliation to Republican because even though the party bumbles along, most of its members in Washington D.C. actually try to get something constructive (from their point of view) done. I say most, meaning at least sixty percent. The Democrats are hung up on personal ideological trips – mostly far left – and have their agendas chiseled in stone. At least,the Republican majority tries to compromise, which to the far left Democrats mean “I win”.  Anyway, I gave up on politics until just recently (when I turned sixty) and took up minimal involvement in the rat race. I worked for a while for a local Congressman and harassed a local city council for a month to change the General Plan with a modicum of success. It was fun playing “bush league” politics after the “big time” in the Los Angeles Basin. Now, I just sit back, watch and shake my head at the turn of events. The Republicans are advocating free speech and the Democrats are acting like far-right Nazis physically attacking those who espouse a different point of view. Like the song says, “the times they are a’changing”. Sigh.


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