A Matter of Trust

A friend of mine was on a rant the other day about you can no longer trust people and, after we parted company, I started mulling over what he said. Can we or do we trust people? I believe we do! We have a lot of faith in our fellow humans. Every time we go shopping, we’re exercising trust. We’re placing our lives in the hands of a multitude of unseen people – people we’ve never met but trust that the food we’re purchasing is safe to consume. There is a big risk in consuming edibles that have been prepared by a dozen or more unseen hands and, only accidentally or through careless, are we served up a toxic feed. Indeed, we do trust our fellow human beings. Actually, it is refreshing. Maybe we should extend that trust to other areas of our lives. It’s nice to know that as a whole, people are trustworthy. Only the rare scoundrel will try to take advantage of our trusting nature and those should be severely punished.


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