A Matter of Trust

April 30, 2017

A friend of mine was on a rant the other day about you can no longer trust people and, after we parted company, I started mulling over what he said. Can we or do we trust people? I believe we do! We have a lot of faith in our fellow humans. Every time we go shopping, we’re exercising trust. We’re placing our lives in the hands of a multitude of unseen people – people we’ve never met but trust that the food we’re purchasing is safe to consume. There is a big risk in consuming edibles that have been prepared by a dozen or more unseen hands and, only accidentally or through careless, are we served up a toxic feed. Indeed, we do trust our fellow human beings. Actually, it is refreshing. Maybe we should extend that trust to other areas of our lives. It’s nice to know that as a whole, people are trustworthy. Only the rare scoundrel will try to take advantage of our trusting nature and those should be severely punished.


New Generation Idiots

April 22, 2017

In the 1960s, Berkeley and the University of California branch there was the center of the Free Speech Movement. The students there and there supporters from afar were sworn to the premise that EVERYONE had the right to speak their mind without being harassed or intimidate and, the powers to be forbid, attacked for having an unpopular point of view. These were the liberal “saints” of the era. My how things have changed! The new so-called liberals are violently trying to silence views they disagree with in the worst traditions of the dictators of the world past and present. These are the new “Nazis” of the twenty-first century try to silence everyone who disagrees with their warped point of view. They are as violent as the bastards in Germany on kristallnacht who opposed every one who would not support their warped philosophy. Place every vile, obscene, derogatory word in your vocabulary here: ____________________ and your have expressed my contempt for the idiots opposing freedom of speech at Berkeley. Unfortunately, common sense and rational dialogue it beyond the ken of these throw-backs to the Dark Ages. If I was a violent person, I would suggest arguing with a baseball bat in one hand and the United States Constitution in the other. Maybe then you might get through their thick skulls.

Pas De Quoi

April 12, 2017

I have been asked by several people why my website, email addresses and other items of correspondence all end in PDQ. No it does not stand for the traditional “pretty damn quick”. It is French, a language I became acquainted with in Laos which used to be a French Province and its inhabitants acquired French as a second language. PDQ stands for “Pas de Quoi” which has many translations but we used it as “as you like” in a slightly bawdy sense or “no problem” as in “pas de quoi, mon ami”. The veteran of the Korean War with whom I served in the mid-fifties and I formed a drinking club of two and spent a bit of time flying partially intoxicated, professing did so because we were both afraid of heights. He preferred a native version of 151 rum and I the closest equivalent of Smirnoff vodka, a habit I acquired while learning Mandarin Chinese at Yale University courtesy of an intelligence agency. (Don’t ask, won’t tell.) You will have to wait until I publish my memoirs.