“Inspired” by Jehovah’s Witness Doorknockers

I wish the “born agains” would get their facts right. Jesus Christ as a named person did not exist. It’s a handle later generations hung on Yeshua of Nazareth or Joshua in English. Christ is just a clipped version of the Greek “Christos” or “anointed one”, the equivalent of Messiah in Hebrew. So you should venerate either Joshua the Anointed one or Yeshua the Messiah and get off the sanctimonious Jesus Christ kick. My father was named Jesus at birth but went by the English version of Joshua. If you cannot get the name right that makes me doubt the validity of the rest of your doctrine. You best actually study the historical facts of your religious beliefs before you call yourselves Christians. Another thing, quit misquoting your Bible. As one who has not only read several versions of your Bible from cover to cover I might add and studied them in depth, it pains me to hear you and your ministers spouting half sentences to justify your actions and views. Example, “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…” to justify seeking vengeance. The balance of the quote is “but vengeance is mine saith the lord”. The same goes for your other favorite platitudes. Get it right or shut up and get out of my face. You are the reason I have no faith in organized religion. You are little more than parrots repeating the same worn out words your ministers trained you to repeat. For sanity’s sake, have a novel thought of your own. Once in college, I wrote an absolutes inane term paper for a world religions class. Written at the last minute while I was more than a bit inebriated, it was little more than rambling double talk. The following semester my professor wanted me to autograph the paper because I had acquired a following of twenty seven souls after he posted the paper on the bulletin board. That explained the rise of cults. Needless to say, I hid from the idiots and did not start a new religion. Go figure.


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