Playing catch up.

August 27, 2016

Do to injuries to both of my legs courtesy of Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz, I have been recuperating and trying to get my life back together. Unfortunately, this blog was not on my short list. Trying to update everything I let slide over the last two years.


My Novels

August 27, 2016

Check out the following novels by my pen name Leroy Dumont:

Bitch of Balar


Demon Horde

End of Forever

Escape from Zandor

Keeper of the Seal


Sweet Revenge

Talons of the Gods

The Bladesman

The Crystal Curse

The Only Option

Wolf Killer


A fascinating time of life

August 27, 2016

[I completely forgot what the original article was.  I will repost it as soon as I remember.]

I entitled this “fascinating” because it’s been a trying time.  I went in for my routine annual check up and the hospital dropped me off a gurney and snapped my right thigh bone like a toothpick and cracked my left kneecap.  Thus, where I walked in (jogging daily), I was toted out on a wheel chair and spent several months relearning how to walk.  They had to split my right thigh muscle to set the thigh bone and, during the healing process, my brain insisted I had THREE legs – one left leg and two rights.  I kept toppling over as soon as I stopped concentrating on walking.  At least now, I’m back to two legs about 95% of the time.  It has drastically interrupted the routine of my life.  Sigh, at least now, I’m getting back to “normal”.  The good part was my down time allowed me to complete several more novels which I have included in the listing on this blog.  So much for the current update.



August 27, 2016

After a short bout with an injury (during my annual checkup Dominican Hospital dropped me off a gurney and broke my femur – thighbone – in two) that took two years to mend to the point where I can now walk.  The foregoing totally reorganized my life.  I went from a jogger to a wheelchair then to crutches.  It was quite an eye-opener.  Made me appreciate having two good legs.  (Oh yes, the drop also cracked my other kneecap,)  At any rate, I’m now relearning to walk and hopefully will be back to jogging within six or seven more months.  Now I slowly returning to my past routine and took advantage of my “down time” to pen several more novels that can be found at:

Check them out – fourteen adventure fiction novels with a mix of some humor under my pen name: Leroy Dumont